Hi, my name is

Anthony Akpan.

I solve problems and create magic.

I'm a software engineer specialized in building Frontend applications, occasionally backend and rarely design. I take pride in my work and ensure I deliver the fastest, most accessible and most responsive application possible.


About Me

Ohayo! πŸ‘‹πŸΎ My name is Anthony Akpan. I am a Frontend Engineer who loves building crazy ideas and trying out new things. I got into programming in 2017 when I found a Python e-book and then switched from Python to Web Development in 2018.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with amazing companies and people, and on diverse projects.
I recently started a YouTube channel which is focused on documenting my Passion Projects (open source projects I work on) and my journey in tech.
When I am not writing code, I am usually binging an anime/TV series.
PS: I looove One Piece. It's all you want in an anime (interesting and non-endingπŸ˜‚).

Below are a list of my tools and languages

  • Javascript
  • Vue & Vuex
  • Ionic
  • React
  • Python
  • Tensorflow.js
  • Figma
  • Adobe XD
  • Android Studio
  • Firebase
  • Mongodb
  • WebSockets
  • WebRTC
  • Animations
  • APIs
  • plugins
  • chrome extensions
  • Testing (unit and E2E)
  • System Design
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My Experience

Self Taught
Began teaching myself programming and how to code around November 2017 the programming language was python but later switched to web dev and javascript early 2018
01 in Computer Engineering
I underwent a B.Sc program in Computer Engineering in the University of Lagos.
Andela devC training ( devC )
I Participated in the Andela Learning Community devC program in which I learnt to improve my web development skills and work in a team.
Google Africa Developer scholarship ( GADS )
I qualified for the GADS 2019 program, it was during this program I deepened my frontend development skill and acquired new skills i.e backend development with node. Later went on to become a Mentor for the program the following year GADS 2020
I participated in various Hackacthons ranging from government hosted like D4G to private enterprise types like rave with flutterwave
Founded Kromtech
I Founded the company Kromtech early 2019, the main goal of the company was to build and create open-source softwares that would be beneficial to students at all levels
Engineering Career Expo ( ECX )
I Was accepted as a Tutor for the ECX 2020 program where I taught web development to various students from various departments and spheres of life
Developer Student Club ( DSC )
A member of the developer student club UNILAG and also a two time volunteered tutor teaching web technologies
Ambassadorship and community roles
I started to take on more Ambassadorship and community role. some of this roles include Github Campus Expert , AngelHack Ambassador , IEEEXtreme Ambassador , and many others.
Frontend Developer at Scelloo ( Scelloo )
I Got employed as a Frontend developer at Scelloo, a business and staff management company where I was assigned lead frontend developer for certain projects i.e Quantum
Lead Frontend developer at Stranerd ( Stranerd )
I Was contacted by the Stranerd team to join them to build an amazing product, this was mostly due to my previous projects on kromtech i.e edu-tech which was also in-line with what they were trying to build. fell in love with the product and team
Active Open-sourcer ( Youtube playlist )
I started a youtube channel which led to me building more open-source project i.e built about 10+ projects within 3 months
Lead Frontend developer at Wirepay ( Wirepay )
I Joined wirepay to build a financial service that enabled users to Receive, hold, and make payments in multiple currencies, create virtual and physical cards, and pay bills seamlessly.
Lead Frontend developer at Shuttlers ( Shuttlers )
While at Shuttlers, I was tasked with migrating the frontend of about four projects from Vue 2 to Nuxt 3, as well as building new features for the platform and working on the UI library.

my projects

There are about 29 projects listed here and counting πŸ‘πŸΎ

  • Maplerad

    I worked on all things frontend related at Maplerad. Maplerad allows you to embed banking services into your application.

  • Stranerd

    Building various tools to enable students to collaborate, innovate and achieve academic success.

  • Cloundenly

    I Worked on a suite of tools that enabled the the easy management of HR, Benefits and Payroll for Organisations

  • Kanban

    An opensource kanban board built with Nuxt 3 and Tailwind

    Nuxt 3Tailwindcssvuedraggble
  • Vue3 dashboard

    I saw a very beautiful dashboard template in Vanilla Js and decided to recreate it in Vue

  • Vue3 Animation

    A collection of vue 3 animations made with different libraries from GSAP to hover effects and just plain CSS animations

  • Gamexit

    A platform focused on connecting people using web based games. Create a 1v1 or tournament challenge and invite your friends

  • Maplerad Dashboard

    The customer Dashboard application for Maplerad

  • Axia

    An Edutech websites built for a client (Contracted)

    VueTailwindNuxt 3
  • Wirepay

    The Landing page for wirepay which is a product of Maplerad

  • ScriptCentral

    This is basically a web interface for open source project RottenScript with other features like search, share, edit and maybe even run (coming soon.)

  • Tailwind-to-css

    An NPM package that converts Tailwind CSS to vanilla CSS

    JavascriptTailwindNPM Package
  • Tailwind-Inliner

    This is a web app that allows you to convert your tailwind classes to inline css, especially useful for emails

    VueTailwindMonaco Editor
  • Codeden

    This is a drag n drop vue component builder with other feature like a component library and co

  • Script Runner

    A chrome extension in which you can save Javascript code in the browser and run them later in the console

    Chrome extensionJavascript
  • Code Formatter

    A chrome extension that helps you format your HTML & CSS code using prettier

    Chrome extensionJavascript
  • LegalPreneur

    The official website for Legalpreneur Attorneys & Consulting firm

  • Timelinx

    I was bored and decided to implement a design from my friend

  • Octobus

    A web app in which users can get updates on buses and their schedules

    Google MapsFirebaseNode.Js
  • AnimeDom

    I was tired of the ads on popular anime websites so I built mine using puppeteer/cheerio to scrape data and Ionic for the frontend

  • Cloundenly-UI

    A list of Internal UI component used by different teams in Scelloo

  • intercom clone

    An intercom clone that uses google spreadsheet to collect users feedback

  • intercom clone plugin

    I converted the intercom clone to a vue plugin that can be used in any project

    TypescriptNPM Package
  • Fazzy D

    I Designed & Built a fashion E-commerce store for a client with features like "add to favorite", "admin Dashboard", "payment gateways" e.t.c

    VueFirebaseCloud Storage
  • FaceReg

    A web based facial recognition system that can be used to take attendance of a class or group of people

  • DSC Website

    I Contributed to the DSC Unilag website to decrease the load time and update the site for speed and efficiency

  • Studee

    A open source project I built & designed under Kromtech as a sort of student community app with features like past question and co.

  • Kromtech Academic Archive

    This was another kromtech project I designed and built which acted as a General database for different academic materials (Books, Videos, Articles)

  • SVG Charactar builder

    This was my attempt to make a character builder with SVGs and Javascript



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